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The Castle Dreams Collection

If you can imagine the wedding dress you want for your wedding, come to Chaya Amsalem and you will able to bring the dream into a reality!


At Chaya Amsalem we will offer you a wide variety of unique and tailored wedding dresses that will suit your desired dress according to the structure of your body so it will compliment you as you always dreamed.


The bride dresses of Chaya Amsalem are made in high quality sewing so that you will feel comfortable dancing all the way to the canopy and straight into your new marriage.


So , if you want to join all those brides who have already managed to enjoy the bridal gowns of Chaya Amsalem , don't hesitate and set a meeting today in our studio.


We will create the dress from your dreams!

Featured Collections

AW Collection


Magical fantasy collection

with amazing hand crafted luxurious details


Summer 2023

Refreshing and stunning new collection available


F \ 21

Minimalist and luxury collection


W \ 2020

Magical fantasy collection

with amazing hand crafted luxurious details


W \ 19

One of our most impressive collection we ever created


W \ 2018

Amazing and fresh collection that made for perfection. Crafted carefully to the smallest details.


W \ 2018

Impressive evening dresses collections that created for an unforgettable show.


S\F \ 2017

Our most impressive and designed wedding dresses collection.


S \ 2017

Feminine , Flirty and with just the right amount of attention to details.

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