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Chaya Amsalem has been a fashion designer for over 19 years.


Her spirit of inspiration along with a touch of elegance, glamor and nobility are the result of a collection of vibrant collections. The use of high-quality, sophisticated materials has brought her to designs full of extraordinary creativity, along with her attention to detail and the ability to read and present current trends, have positioned Amsalem as the most significant designer in the field of bridal and evening dresses in Israel.


Inspiring creativity Every design is a clear expression of the inner beauty of a woman and the nature in which the designer Chaya Amsalem gives every woman and girl the opportunity to personalize the dress of the bride and evening as well as the possibility of renting dresses from a selection of collections that exist. In the studio of designer Chaya Amsalem you can see how a little girl's dream has become a flourishing and thriving reality.

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